NOHMI is an intentional clothing brand and community designed to empower women on their breastfeeding and pumping journey.

We provide beautiful and functional clothing that will not only compliment a new mother's figure, but will also encourage breastfeeding or pumping by allowing for a discrete and effortless access.

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Empowering Breastfeeding

At NOHMI we believe that "breast is best" whenever possible. We strive to empower, support and encourage breastfeeding and pumping mother on her journey. Nursing your baby is not always easy or supported by others, it is also does not always feel "natural" for all women. At NOHMI we strive to make this difficult, but rewarding journey, a little easier, comfortable and beautiful. With our breastfeeping/pumping friendly clothing, we hope to help new mothers feel more beautiful, confident and empowered!